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PHPBirthday is an easy to use birthday reminder using PHP, Perl & MySQL.


PHPBirthday may be used and distributed according to the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 2.


This simple PHP, Perl & MySQL project is designed to read a database of users and send out an automated email message on there Birthday. A separate Perl script needs to be setup in crontab to run once a day in the morning. Check back soon as the project is still in development and new features will be added. (See the README.txt and INSTALL.txt for more info.)


Step 1. Edit the config.php file (update values to match your setup).
Step 2. Edit crontab (create a cron job that will run once a day in the morning).
Step 3. Test the script with ./ or perl

If you would like to help with send me an email. Currently I could use help with the devolpment process in adding in new features to help make the script more useful for others. This script was created after using v1.0 created by Nikola Pavkovic which I used for about 3 years. The reason for this project is that I wanted to create an easy to use birthday reminder that could be used at work and updated by everyone on a local intranet web portal. PHPBirthday was at first created for a small office that wanted to keep track of about 30 employees but has now turned into a free open source project. Its always nice to know someone remembered your Birthday.

From now on, you will never forget a friend's birthday again :)


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If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to drop me a line ;)
EMAIL : project23 (AT) phpbirthday (d0T) org